Thanks for taking the time to take a closer look at the services Heights Commercial Abseiling has to offer. Heights Commercial Abseiling started operations many years ago as a high rise rope access window and pressure cleaning business and has since evolved to offer a broader range of services including advertising sign installations, building inspections and reporting, testing of height safety fixings, and a variety of other maintenance services.

Our objective is to build long term relationships with our clients to ensure their buildings are maintained at a level that is both cost effective and ensures the savings of thousands in costly maintenance bills in the future. This can be achieved by simply carrying out regular cleans and maintenance inspections in order to identify small problems before they become major ones. These may include small hairline cracks, faulty pipes, guttering, roof leaks and rust spots among other things.

By carrying out our regular cleans and inspections we can bring awareness to problems that may otherwise go unnoticed
for years creating major problems and huge maintenance costs in the future, if left unattended. At Heights Commercial Abseiling we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our work. By looking after our clients and their buildings so that they are more than happy with the outcome gives us great satisfaction and a sense of pride.

A good looking building from both inside and out that is regularly maintained is a reflection of the owners pride in his building and the caring attitude he has for his tenants. There is nothing more attractive than looking at a building who has just had all their windows spotlessly cleaned or the external walls high pressure cleaned revealing its original state when first erected. This is what makes Heights Commercial Abseiling do what they do.

We take the utmost care with major cleaning operations taking every care and consideration not to disturb or inconvenience tenants, residences or guests present on site. Their comfort and safety is our number one priority.

Heights Commercial Abseiling thrive on new challenges that every building presents, applying all of our experience and expertise in meeting your requirements. All work is guaranteed so contact us now and let us give you a cost and obligation free quote.

Contact:  For enquiries & quotes

Mobile:  04 34028031



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