structural inspection
structural inspections & maintenance

Height’s Commercial Abseiling can provide a detailed rope access building report to identify and document problematic areas to external areas of high rise buildings. Incuded in the written report will be digital photographs to give you a visual view of the problem areas. We will offer our recommendations and remedies to address the areas of concern for the full restoration and ongoing maintenance of affected areas.

Height’s Commercial Abseiling’s qualified and experienced rope technicians are able to provide the best in quality services and guarantee their work.

Building Report


Concrete spalling – commonly known as concrete cancer

Water proofing – in our opinion is a beneficial player in the preservation of a building .If the integrity of a protective layer is breached e.g. paint or water proofing membrane, this will expose concrete or metal to the elements, this is where concrete spalling, rust and other structural issues will occur.

Windows – damaged frames, cracked glass, broken seals

Paint – flaky, bloating, UV damage

Balustrade – Loose fixings, damaged paint, cracked, aluminium osmosis and rust

Tiling – Floating, cracked and mortar damage

Signs Loose fixings, lighting and general damage

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